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Who will win the long awaited presidential election in somaliland? By Kaid Askar

Wed 08 November 2017.

 As the days of the month of November goes up the remaining days to election Eve shrinks so the anxiety and euphoria of the unknown out come takes over the emotions of so many Somalilanders. Though I have never registered with any particular political part even in my home country here in Canada, and got no say or got the right to vote out there, I still could not control my urge to fall into this sea of emotions. For some people, it,s more to tribal association or the need to gain wealth or tittle. In the eyes of the beholder, I must be one of them but to my gut sincerity, for me, it is more to sustainability of peace in the land and I do not give a dime to who takes it all.


        However, I,m also free to judge and express my own inclinations toward whom or which party I may think can be the winner. So my online friends, feel free to put me on the frying pan as usual as you my not like my opinionated predictions about the out come of the nearing election. A year and so ago, the three political parties were more balanced among the ordinary Somaliland public but UCID destroyed it,s chance when Faysal A Warabe eliminated his candidate and give the chance to the old dying horse Wadani. From that point, Wadani party became a powerful force and an immediate threat to Kulmiye, the ruling party. Wadani party seemed more balanced and spread out in the country compared to the other two parties but their leader same as UCID some how got greedy and shot himself on the foot. Replacing Seed, an individual who sacrificed so much for the party was easily thrown out of the window with an unknown rookie with no charisma.


        The last candidate shoveling of Wadani part exposed some kind of political dishonest and belittling of some of their backbone supporters. UCID with Jamal Ali Housain as a candidate and Wadani with their old guard, Kulmiye with Muse Bixi would have hard time winning the card but now it seems with the other two parties gaffe, Kulmiye will race to the finish line with strides. So my UCID lingerings and Wadani supporters here is my prediction on Nov 13 2017. UCID+/- 8%, Wadani 30% Kulmiye 62%. The legacy of this election will not be who or what party wins the election but the beauty of building a democratic people where one man and one vote rules the rest in a dictatorship ridden continent. Live long Somaliland


Kaid Askar Diriye


Alberta, Canada



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