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Turkey's militarization of Somalia is a Threat to the Horn and Democracy by Mohamud Aden Samatar

Sun 08 October 2017.

 Turkey's involvement in Somalia began, In 2011 when the  devastating severe drought hit Somalia and the  entire Eat Africa region which led to crop failure and widespread loss of livestock. Turkey provided the largest humanitarian aid to the Somalia people affected by drought  providing food, medicine and have worked to establish infrastructural facilities and educational programs since then. However Turkey has not provided any assistance to Somaliland, except one time food shipment.

       Somalia a member of Arab league didn't get enough assistance from the Arab countries in the 2011 severe drought since the Arab Spring was taking place and most of the Arab countries were preoccupied in that event, which helped Turkey easly grab Somalia from the Arab League interest.             
     Turkey's presence in Somalia is not limited to humanitarian assistance, but to gain foothold for geo-political and economical advantage over other regional powers such as China, USA, France, Russia and new block  Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and UAE interested to gain access and trade in Africa  after oil revenue declined and stop Iran's  expansion in the region and its involvement in Yamen. . 
      After Somaliland and Somalia talks began in London 2012 and reached an agreement to continue the dialogue about their future relationship, Turkey which was hopeful that  parties would  come closer for future unification,  didn't like the outcome and volunteered to hold the talks in Ankara after meeting Somalia's delegation behind closed doors. Turkey's interest for Somaliland to be part of Somalia is to get hold of Somaliland's  Barbera Port located in very strategic location, in the  Gulf of Aden, near Bab el Mandeb, way more strategic than Moqdisho port and closer to its rival Gulf states. Ankara talks between Somaliland and Somalia was  held on  April 13,  2013 after Somaliland president Ahmed Siilanyo and former Somalia president Hassan sheikh met,  which didn't produce any concrete outcome except continuation of the dialogue.
       Turkey an ally of Somalia can not be  an honest broker regarding Somaliland/Somalia talks, because of its highly involvement of Somalia politics and economical. Turkey built its biggest embassy in Mogadishu, and  just opened in September,  2017  its military base in Jazira, Mogadisho, first in the African peninsula.Turkey is also against Somaliland recognition which almost similar to the Kurdistan issue and independence from Turkey, which is  another reason why Turkey wants Somaliland to remain with Somalia. According to reliable source from Somaliland government Somaliland might expel Turkey's liaison in Hargeisa, sever ties with Turkey and suspend talks with Somalia in Ankara  once Somaliland election is held after November, 2017.        
         Turkey is trying to destabilize Somaliland because   she doesn't like the presence of UAE , Saudi Arabia ally in Barbera and UAE  future military base in Barbera,Somaliland, which is the main reason why she is arming and building Somalia  military forces  to send some of Somalia army as  clan militia  to wage a proxy war for Somalia against Somaliland. Also to  keep a close eye on UAE involvement in Barbara Port and the proposed military base in Barbara, Turkey is planning to send  disguised military personnel and security agents  as construction crew under Pseudo construction company to build and undermine Egal International Airport  of Hargeisa, Somaliland.    
             Aside from being failed state and home to Al-shabab terrorist group  Somalia particularly areas that are not controlled by Al-shabab the people of Somalia have enjoyed freedom of press and speech, except Jubbaland, clan member state of Somalia controlled by an  iron fist warlord, Ahmad Madobe who suppresses press and  other clans who are not affiliated with his clan, Ogaden. Erdogan and the current Somalia administration are in cahoots to make Somalia a military dictatorial regime once enough strong military personnel are trained to gain control of all member state regions of Somalia.  Erdogan, Turkey's  president who narrowly won on 16 April 2017 constitutional referendum claimed vast powers and made  him a dictator and threat to Turkey's  democracy and secularism. 
         Turkey's major influence in Somalia's foreign policy decision made  Somalia take  neutral position  in the conflict between Gulf state, Qatar/Turkey ally vs  Saudi Allies/ Turkey rival. However  Somalia  regional clan states like Puntland, Gal-mudug, Hirshabele and Southwest declared support for Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have cut ties with Qatar,  a new challenge to Somalia’s efforts to stay neutral in the dispute. Regional clan state argue that Saudi Arabia and   United Arab Emirates have centuries of historical, cultural and commercial relationships with Somali people and the livelihood of the Somali people, livestock depends on Saudi Arabia purchase.    
            Because of the regional clan states position in Gulf crisis, Somalia government corrupted and bribed regional clan states parliament members and succeeded to remove from power Haf, Gal-mudug stated president and Osable, Hirshabele president, and also cut funds from regional state .Today regional clan state members are gathering in  Kismayo, Somalia to take similar position and challenge the Somalia government for violating Federal system laws  and regional internal affairs.                         
       According to credible source, a member of Somalia cabinet revealed that after 30, 000 Somalia strong  army are trained,  Turkey and Farmajo government are planning to dismantle the Federal system and clan member states of Somalia Federal government by disarming all clan militia of clan member states like Puntland, Gal-mudug, Southwest, Hirshable and Jubbaland, a process which already began in Banadir Region disarming clan militia. The source also indicated since the  upper House and Lower  House of Somalia  law makers  were selected and represent clan member states of Puntland, Gal-mudug, Hirshabele, Southwest and Jubbaland, both Houses will be disbanded once strong military government  is established. Some loyal upper/lower House to their regional clan states are planning to  challenge and bring motion against Somalia administration for violating local regional clan states rights, internal affair and Somalia clan based federal law.
           Mohamud Aden Samatar


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