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Remove the corrupt “Taliyaha Qaybta” (Awdal Regional police commander) now!!! By Suleiman Egeh

Thu 28 September 2017.

Excellencies the president, and the vice-president of the Republic of Somaliland: Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud, and Abdulrahman Abdillahi Ismail (Zeili).


Mr. President and Mr. Vice-president remove the so-called Taliyah Qaybta (Awdal Regional police commander) from his post. Remove this corrupt, inept, and incompetent man immediately. I urge the leaders of the country to remove this inept, corrupt, and under-educated individual from the great Awdal state immediately. The man has already created hundreds of property, and farm disputes in the state. He is blatantly corrupt and takes bribes from both the legitimate and the illegitimate complainants/plaintiffs (the Kuqabso Ku Qadi-Mayside crowd). This man is creating disputes, because he is getting bribes from already settled disputes.

He is using the police and his office to illegally destroy buildings, businesses, and properties. Many of the disputes he unlawfully interjected himself into are cases already settled by either the court, or the committee for the resolution of land disputes. Many times this man unlawfully hijacks the duty, and the responsibility of the mayor, local government, governor, and the courts of the state. The man is a shameless low life who is disrupting the peace of a very peaceful city. He takes unlawful actions without the knowledge of the local government, and the committee for the resolution of land disputes. This man should be sacked immediately. I have no idea how such inept, corrupt and ill-educated people could work in such important positions. 

I just came back from Awdal; Somaliland recently; and many well-informed sources in the state told me, the man has crossed all boundaries and intervened into so many things that is beyond his jurisdiction, and power. I could say this man did not have the knowledge to know even what are his duties and responsibilities; given to him by the law.  What has happened in the peaceful city of Borama on September 27, 2017; where two families fought over a property is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other disputes he created that are brewing under the surface.

The man is a ticking time bomb. This man has the tendency to negate and nullify the cases already settled by the lawful authorities such as the courts, and the committee for the resolution of land disputes. In addition to that he rarely comes to his office on time. He is unprofessional man who could say anything that comes to his mind. He was supposed to be the purveyor of peace, tranquility, and the upholding of the law, but instead he is the creator of disputes, purveyor of conflict, and the merchant of corruption, and bribery. I am urging the leaders in the top of echelons of power in the country to remove this man immediately. One day more this man is on the job means more disputes, chaos, and the constant miscarriage of justice and corruption.


Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor


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