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Letter of advice for Kulmiye’s President’s Candidate Mr. Musa Bihi by Suleiman Egeh

Tue 05 September 2017.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Sir Winston Churchill

A ‘no’ uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.” – And “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

Waxan Daawaday Sidii Sharafta lahayd  Ee Borama Ay U Soo Dhawayseen Waftigii Cuslaa ee u Hogaaminayay Madaxwayne Ku Xigeenka Jumhuuriyada Soomaaliland Abdirahman Abdullahi Sayli Ahaana Markaa Ku Simaha Madaxweynaha, Kana Mid Ahaa Musharaxa Xisbiga Kulmiye Ee Madaxweyna Nimada Jumhuuriyada Soomaaliland Mr. Musa Bihi Abdi. Waxan Ini Xusuusinayaa In Ay Waftigani Ahaayeen Rag Siyaa Siyiin  Ah Oo Raadinaya In loo Footeeyo Doorashadaa Soo Socoto. Sidaa Darteed Waxa Loo Baahan Yahay Inaad Shuruud Adag Ku Xidhaan Nimankan Siyaa Siyiinta Ah. Waxad Ka Dalbataan In la Inoo Sameeya Wadada Iskuxidha Borama Iyo Lawyaddaw, Iyo Dekada Lughaya. Sheekado Waa Inay Noqotaa Waan Ku Caawinayaa Ee Adna I Caawi.


The coming presidential elections are a critical and extremely important. First of all, by looking at all the three competing Somaliland political parties, at least theoretically you are the best candidate to take the mantle of the presidency. We are a young country, a new experiment in the world, a new miracle unprecedented in the world. We are a country where its people have completely rebuilt their country in fewer than 20 years without help from anybody. Our people are resilient people who pacified their country without outside help; we fulfilled all the conditions to become a sovereign nation among the nations of the world. We built universities, civil society, government institutions, infrastructure, and all things were accomplished again with no outside help. We know the so-called leading powers of the world failed to create viable governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and our neighbor to the south-Somalia. Despite trillions of dollars spent, bringing peace, stability, and any semblance of normalcy in these collapsed societies became elusive. No amount of money, expertise, military hardware, and sophisticated

technology can rebuilt or sustain them. Other alternative solutions such as splitting them may be the only options left for these hell holes where so much of public tax dollars, and blood were spent, and there is no success to show. Rebuilding these collapsed societies is nothing short of mission impossible. It is undisputable fact that all those efforts of nation building became nothing, but an exercise in futility.

Background information

In the first 20 years of the 20th century we can see so much turmoil, uncertainty, the formation of new states, tremendous structural realignments of countries taking place, severely weakening internationals multilateral organizations such as the UN, world bank, IMF, and the diminishing relevance and power of regional organizations such as the Arab League, European Union, African Union and others. We are in a time of both tremendous challenge and opportunity. So, let us make use of the unlimited opportunities to arise from a world undergoing a seismic alignment and change.  

With all that said, all the noble, selfless, and resilient efforts of our people will be futile and the country we built from scratch by poor people will be in vain, had you not rein in several forces that are at play in Somaliland today.

1.      You need to form a robust council or committee to combat corruption, nepotism, illegal appropriation of public properties, and lands for personal use

2.      Putting the most qualified people in local governments, because these days local governments are extremely corrupt, inept, in competent, non-existent, and they are not serving the people.

3.      Formulation of a robust, strategic committee or experts who work hard to sell the great things we do in our country to the world.

4.      To send highly educated, polished, and articulate ambassadors to the worl weld, and remove most of the current cadre of Somaliland ambassadors around the world.

5.      Get rid of the greedy ministers who are only so interested to enrich themselves and not serving the public.  

6.      Clean sweep of the corrupt wolves that populate the different Somaliland ministries and other government positions is paramount. 

I watched the superfluous welcome the high ranking Kulmiye party delegation to Borama led by the vice-president (at the time the acting president), that include Mr. Musa Bihi, Kulmiye’s presidential candidate. I watched the moving speeches they deliver to the huge Borama crowds that came out to welcome them. That was impressive, but the people of Borama in particular, and the people of Awdal, Salel, and western Gabiley need to understand the people you were welcoming are politicians who are hunting for votes for their election, so you need to give them your vote with condition of giving a binding promise to build the Borama Lawyaddo road and Lughaya port. 

Foreign Affairs

Finding the best and most qualified people for the foreign affairs is extremely important. Putting articulate, well-educated, well-versed and experienced people personnel for the foreign affairs of the country is crucial. 



Suleiman Egeh is a freelance and a senior science instructor 








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