We the undersigned Awdal, Salal, and Gabiley professionals of all walks of life in North America

Press Release

We the undersigned Awdal, Salal, and Gabiley professionals of all walks of life in North America; hereby to support our politicians, and young people who have clearly and unequivocally reiterating that our regions will not participate in the coming parliamentary and   municipal election in Somaliland.

The reason is without the resolution of the proportional representation in Somaliland lower House of Representatives and the upper house the Guurti no election will happen in our regions. People of the above-named regions are devoting Somalilanders who have hugely contributed to the independence, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence between Somaliland communities.

This proportional representation problem in the Somaliland parliament has been lingering for a long time and appears to be ignored by successive Somaliland governments. We are part and parcel of the Republic of Somaliland but we seeking justice due to our under representation in both Somaliland houses of parliament. We are calling for the resolution of this long lingering problem before the coming election. There is no way our people will take part in the coming election without the resolution of the said problem.

1. Prof. Suleiman Egeh

2. Prof. Mohamed Albari

3.Dr. Ali Ibrahim Bahar

4. Prof. Hussein Egeh

5.Prof. Abdirahman Sh. Ahmed Egeh

6. Prof. Abdirahman Abdillahi Jimale

7. Prof. I brahim Hussein

8. Mr. Abdisalam A. Nur

9. Mrs.  Safia A, Ismail

10. Musa Ahmed

11.  Ahmed Hassan

12. Fadumo Dahir Elmi

13. Malyuun Dahir Elmi

14. Fathia Mohamed Warsame

15. Deeqa Aw Abdi Qaalib

16. Asha IUdris Ugas Robleh

17. Medino Ahmed Farah

18. MaryanAdan

19. Dr Saad Haji Hersi

20. Afrah Ali Abdillahi

21. Sahra Egeh Amin

22. Abdisalam Egeh Amin

23.Ruqiya Haji Abaas