The Duo Autocrats Abiye, Afworke are Dangerous to the Peace of the Horn of Africa: The Genocidal war they waged against Tigray will lead to the downfall of both

Abiye Ahmed is fighting a losing war.  Right now, It appears the TDF and the people of Tigray are winning the war. Currently the TDF is on the verge of conquering the Amhara and Afar states. Abiye waged a senseless and brutal war against Tigray and that war is currently spreading to other Ethiopian regions. Dictators refuse all peaceful efforts at the right time and eventually they are to be ejected from power by force, and many of them end up being humiliated or murdered. Currently Abye’s war is going on in Tigray, Amhara, Afar, Benishangul, Gambella, Oromo, and the so-called Southern Nations.

Abiye Ahmed has deceived everyone when he was appointed by the EPRDF which was the ruling coalition ruling Ethiopia since 1991 when the victorious TPLF marched to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the EPLF marched to Asmara, Eritrea. After his appointment by the EPRDF, Abye seemed to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing because he was well-received in Ethiopia as well as the international community. Abiye Ahmed has waged a senseless, and an unnecessary genocidal war on Tigray where no one was spared. He also invited Ethiopia’s arch enemy Eritrea with its bare-footed militias to brutalize Tigray, women were raped, civilians were killed at will, farms burned, hospitals, universities, factories, and businesses were looted.

The eight-month brutal campaign came to an end following two weeks of blitzkrieg waged by the Tigray Defense forces. The huge success of TDF forces against Africa, two Africa’s strongest armies (Ethiopia, Eritrea), and massive Amhara militias will be added to the curriculum of the World’s military academies. We heard about the brilliance of the Viet Minh against the French imperial forces in Dien Bien Phu in 1954, the rapid success of a group of a ragtag Cuban guerrilla, the defeat of Ethiopia’s Nedaw division in “Afabet” in Eritrea in 1987, but the Tigray victory against a joint Ethiopian/Eritrean and Amhara militias will become a textbook military success for the TDF.

In two weeks campaign the Tigrayan resistance destroyed more than half of the Ethiopian military, they also have severely damaged the Eritrean military. Abiye has overestimated his military power and underestimated the will of the Tigrayan people. Between June 22 and 28, 2021 TDF destroyed more than five Ethiopian divisions. Abye idiocy of overestimating his military, the Eritreans, and the Amhara militias were all decisively defeated and humiliated. The one-sided so-called cease fire by Abiye Ahmed was a joke because he declared that cease fire when most of the Ethiopian forces were destroyed, and the Eritreans withdrew under pressure to their border, because they alone can’t stand a chance to defeat a determined nation trying to fight for their very survival. 

Most of the people of Tigray would like to see their state be an independent nation following what Abiye has done to them, and according to most experts if Tigray secedes from Ethiopia, it will touch off the collapse of Ethiopia. The international media believed Abiye’s lies that his brutal campaign against Tigray is a law enforcement operation aimed to round what is left of TPLF. But that was a complete lie and everyone including the idiot Abye Ahmed underestimated the growing strength of the Tigrayan resistance. The people of Tigray have been motivated by the brutality, and atrocities of Abiye and Afwork’s forces have inflicted on them. Tigray will prevail and the downfall of the duo genocidal dictators is imminent.

Solieman Egeh is a freelance writer, Horn of Africa Political Analyst, and a senior science instructor.