President Bihi to have Negotiations with Farmajo is Meaningless, Counter-Productive and a Waste of Time

The so-called conference is hosted by a murderous dictator (Ismail Geelle) who has been reigning in his state-let with an iron fist. As we speak people are engaged in violent demonstrations

 aimed to oust this bad dictator. On the other hand Aby Ahmed who is also supposed to participate in the so-called conference has created so much chaos, lawlessness, and political turmoil in Ethiopia, and is currently presiding over an Ethiopia probably heading to a civil war and disintegration. The time is also a suspect because Farmajo failed to do anything in Mogadishu so he is trying to acquire a campaign slogan for his re-selection by saying I opened negotiations with Somaliland. In the same token for the Djibouti dictator these fake negotiations is a distraction from his current problems where he is facing an uprising in his tiny state.

Furthermore, It is worth noting that all of the conferees are vehemently opposed to the independence of Somaliland. On that back drop I have no idea why Mr. Bihi has gone to such a hostile environment? Vast majority of the people of the Republic of Somaliland are vehemently opposed to sit with Farmajo; a vengeful Siyad Barre operative who is often in the process of conniving to wage a losing war on Somaliland any time he got few guns. The man is a very angry Siyad Barre operative who so adamant about the defeat of his beloved regime by the people of Somaliland. I want to remind this person who is ignorant of history, if he ever tries to attack Somaliland he will be defeated, and this time the people of Somaliland will not stop but will go all the way to his strong hold. That is the only language Farmajo can understand. Farmajo is nothing but reincarnation of Siyad Barre who lacks legitimacy, military and economic power. President Bihi’s Impulsive action to have useless negotiations with Farmajo is unwise and meaningless. These people are lawless, and never fulfill agreed upon promises. They sign papers and never act upon the agreed upon tenets and components written on those papers. Everybody knows the appointed Mogadishu figment barely controls one street in Mogadishu, and for the last ten years propped up by more than 20,000 African troops. Mogadishu government does not have the ability to control her destiny. There is nothing in the hands of this nominal state that only exists on paper. Moreover, the so-called UN sponsored reconciliation conferences that has started in the year 2000, to create successive Mogadishu figments were dominated by remnants of the doomed Siyad Bare regime. Though they lack military and economic power, and legitimacy these selected recycled Siyad Barre operatives are extreme radicals who are bent on bringing back Somaliland by a force. That is nothing but a pipe dream that will never happen. The only thing that is holding them back from invading Somaliland at this point is the lack of military and economic power. That is something many former Siyad Barre operatives have blatantly said in various occasions. Somalilanders should know despite their weakness, and lack of power, and legitimacy these people are bent on trying to do anything that can damage and destroy Somaliland. These people are so divided but the only thing that unifies them is their hatred and jealousy towards the Republic of Somaliland and its people. In short they are the real enemies of Somaliland.

Prof. Suleiman is a freelance writer, political analyst and senior science instructor