Horn of Africa in Turmoil: Ethiopia on the Road to a Total Collapse

Reckless Dictators such as Afwarki and Abye Ahmed are destabilizing the whole Horn of Africa region. These two dictators have jointly launched and unnecessary, and unwarranted all out war on Tigray. They attacked that Ethiopian region on all the military might the two dictatorships possess. In the interim they have killed thousands of civilians, attacked and destroyed churches, factories, schools, mosques, hospitals, , farms, indiscriminately shelled cities, targeted civilians, and destroyed whole cities to rabble. The Eritrean, Amhara paramilitaries, indiscriminately destroyed everything that comes in their way. They loathed factories, schools, hospitals, and peoples’ properties throughout Tigray.

Clearly the war waged by these two dictators is no law enforcement but a dirty war of attrition, genocide and ethnic cleansing, but despite all those sinister and Nazi-like tactics and methodologies the brutal and genocidal armies of the two dictators are failing to fight a popular guerilla warfare fighting in its mountainous terrain. This mindless war on Tigray will lead to the ignoble toppling of these two dictators and the genocidal Amhara ragtag paramilitaries who are engages in ethnic cleansing of anyone speaking Tigrinya. The Ethiopian, Eritrean armies and Amhara militias proven to be ruthless and merciless occupation forces that is even worse than the Nazi SS crack soldiers. The bumbling and inexperienced war-maker Abiye called the mischievous aggression against Tiray low enforcement. Adding more fuel to the fire he invited world’s hated dictator Afwarki; the for life president of Eritrea to attack, destroy and loathe Tigray. These two dictators have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

Whole regions were cleansed of their Tigray inhabitants. Raping Tigrayan women is rampant throughout the state of Tigray, Moreover; the whole state of Tigray has been locked down since 4 when the two dictators Abiye and Afwarki waged a joint genocidal war on Tigray. The Eritrean army that attacked Tigray can’t be called real military, but in contrast undisciplined rag tag; and lawless militias. These Eritrean ragtag militias have loathed food, electronic equipment, industrial, and farm equipment, schools, and office materials. The people of Tigay has called these Eritrean militias bare-footed and Hungary locusts that are devouring anything that comes in their way.  Moreover, the two dictators waged a border war with Sudan. St the same time Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Oromo Liberation Army’s are waging a furious liberation insurgency against Abye Ahmed in western and north western Ethiopia.

Right now the Tiray Diaspora is waging a furious and well-organized campaign against Abye Ahmed dictatorships. There is no day and you will not say Tigray Diaspora conducting demonstrations all over the major cities of the United States such as Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Portland and many other cities. They also conducted demonstrations against Abbey Ahmed and Afwarki dictatorships in Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries and Australia. Moreover, the Oromo Diaspora has to some extent joined the Tigray demonstrations against Abye and Afwarki dictatorships waging wars against Tigray, Sudan and Oromia. As soon as Abiye will rig the coming so-called elections as all anticipate the Somalis, Afars, and others will join to fight against this new Menelick/Haile Salessie incarnation called Abye Ahmed.  

This Menelik/Haile Salessie incarnation-Abye Ahmed is the Slobodan Milosevic of Ethiopia. Slobodan Milosevic was the man who orchestrated the Bosnian genocide and the aggression  against the entire Republics which made the artificial state of Yugoslavia.  Milosevic’s war of aggression and genocide has eventually led to the total disintegration of former Yugoslavia into seven Republics. In the same token Abye will be the man who will lead a more fragile artificial empire than Yugoslavia-Ethiopia to split into many independent states. In all these demonstrations no one is waving an Ethiopian flag. Most of the current demonstrators are waving Tigray and Oromo flags. This is a very powerfully symbolic depiction showing the coming end of Ethiopia. Clearly many people are so disillusioned with a centralized Ethiopia where all the power is in Addis Ababa ruled by Amahara who are the notorious group who were behind all the crimes imperial Ethiopia has committed against all the marginalized and occupied people in the periphery of Ethiopia.

There are some people who believe the attack on Tigray was designed to destroy the federal system in Ethiopia. Tigray was attacked because they are the most powerful entity that will oppose the bringing back of Ethiopia to a unitary state along the lines of imperial Ethiopia of Haile, Salessie, and Mengistu. Abiye Ahmed, Afwerki of Eritrea and Amhara connived and together waged an all out war against the people of Tigray. Their stupid and shallow plan was to get rid of the TPLF leadership and everything will be dandy in one week. This was what more powerful empires failed to do in the past. The French tried that in Vietnam and Algeria but left defeated and humiliated. The same thing happened to the American empire in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Now the all out war on Tigray by Ethiopia, Eritrea, Emirate drones and few Farmajo ragtag forces all failed to subdue the people of Tigray. Now the war has expanded and happening in the Amhara, Oromo, Afar, Benshungul/Gumuz, and will eventually expand to the Somali region when Abiye party will rig as expected rig the coming so-called elections. Abiye party and allies are already harassing and imprisoning other party leaders. Note, all prominent Oromo leaders are already jailed simply because they have different opinion than the aspiring dictator and Emperor of Ethiopia Abiye Ahmed.

Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer, Horn of Africa political analyst and a senior science instructor