Farmajo’s Desperate but Failing Attempts to Stop Somaliland Recognition|Prof: Suleaimn Egeh


The Republic of Somaliland has reacquired it lost independence in 1991, following a bitter war with Somalia whereby the latter at the time led by brutal dictator level 90% 0f Somaliland cities, but lost the war. The republic of Somaliland was one of 27 African countries that came into being in 1960. We all know in 1960 a wind of independence has been sweeping the vast African continent. At the time the feeling of pan-Somalism pan-Africanism, and pan-Aarbism was so high among the population of these places. The pan-Somalilasm movement has been started by the people of British Somaliland, and it was a feeling sweeping throughout all the speaking areas of the Horn and of Africa. It is also worth-noting that Jamal Abdinasir was the leader of the now defunct pan-Arabism movement. We all know how the people of Somaliland have composed hundreds of hit songs for Somaliland independence. “Walaala Hargeisa” the Somaliland musical and cultural band has composed multiple independence songs for Somaliland independence. We remember and pay tribute to the great poets, playwrights and composers of the day such as Hussein Aw Farah, Sahardiid Mohamed (Jabiye), Ali Sugule (Dun-Arbeed), Abdullahi Abdi Shubi, Abdullahi Sultan Timade, Mohamed Omar Huryo, Abdillahi Qarshe and others of the day.

To come back to the topic first of all let me say recent events regarding the full recognition of the Republic of Somaliland has been happening beginning of the signing of the huge contract with DP World, the official visit of Somaliland president to Dubai, Ethiopia, Djibouti whereby in all those countries the president was provided full presidential protocol. Moreover, Kenya’s foreign minister has reiterated his country’s intention to open an embassy in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. Recently there was also some information the Russian interest to build a base in Somaliland. I congratulate the president of the Republic of Somaliland on his visit to the Republic of Guinea which marked a seismic paradigm shift in Somaliland foreign. It was rather ridiculous and laughable the weak government propped by 22, 000 African troops in Mogadishu to say they cut diplomatic ties with the Republic of Guinea where in the first place they do not have any diplomatic relations with Guinea and that was clearly articulated by their foreign minister. As of now it is Somaliland who has diplomatic relationship with Guinea.   

It is crystal clear while Somaliland has fulfilled the Montevideo agreement of 1933, the weak government in Mogadishu did not fulfill that agreement. Anybody who want to become a state need to fulfill the following:

1.  A defined territory

 2. A permanent population

 3. A government and

4. Capacity to enter into relations with other states.

Now the new ball game is Somaliland will take an international offensive to claim everywhere that they have fulfilled the Montevideo agreement that set the conditions of become a state, while the weak government of Somalia did not. Currently the Republic of Somaliland is a “defacto” independent state that is led by an elected government that has the mandate of its people, while Somalia has a conditional Dejure recognition mainly destined to justify the multiple international intervention in that place, but do not have a “Defacto” recognition Something Somaliland enjoys but Somalia lacks that was epitomized by the swift, harsh and unified response all the people of Somali has dismissed and condemned Farmago the leader of the Mogadishu figment.  

Prof: Suleaimn Egeh a freelance writer and a senior science instrucctor

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