Awdalland State Declaration

January 16, 2022

We the people of Awdal and Gabiley regions declare Awdalland State (ALS) as a new federal member state of Somalia. Awdalland State was established after a series of consultations and meetings with decision makers of the region, including elders, politicians and professionals. The decision was reached to declare the new state to be a member of the Federal Republic of Somalia (FRS) in accordance with the interim constitution of Somalia. The official name of the administration is Awdalland State. Awdalland State will protect and lead the political, economic and social development of the state.

Awdalland State is a free, legal, and legitimate political entity with its own population, territory and sovereignty. Awdalland State runs all organs of the federal state’s administration. It governs the economy, political development, state military, police, education, trade, agriculture, and social and policy issues. Awdalland State has the sole power to negotiate all agreements on behalf of the people of Awdal.

With this letter we are informing the Federal Government of Somalia, federal member states, foreign embassies in Mogadishu, United Nations agencies, the European Union, African Union Arab League, and International NGOs of the establishment of Awdalland State. In the interim until a fully fletched state government and leadership is in place period, the administration is headed by three groups, including a policy committee, a technical issues committee, and a communication issues committee. We urge the institutions cited above to work with the committees and the state’s representative office in Mogadishu regarding the affairs of the state. The Mogadishu office is staffed by the state legislature’s representatives in Mogadishu. These individuals have the authority to work with the federal government of Somalia and others interested in the affairs of Awdalland State.

The people of Awdalland State believe that federalism is the most viable option in reconstituting the Somali state. Expanding the federal system to include northern Somalia is necessary in order to establish an effective government with valid and legitimate law enforcement institutions; and to prevent a clan-based fiefdom. The Somali federal government is to provide funding and material support for other federal member states to join the federal system of Somalia.

The government of Awdalland State will advance democratic participation by insisting that communities select their own leaders at all levels. We believe local leaders should not be appointed by the federal government. We view the role of the federal government is to provide encouragement, mobilization assistance, facilitation and support to the respective communities as they select leaders to represent them at all levels.

Please direct all future correspondence and inquires to the above mailing and email addresses; and direct telephone calls to the number provided in this letter. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Secretary of Awdalland State

Jaafar M Sh Jama