Abiye Ahmed Degenerated from a Noble Prize Laureate to a Warmonger and War Maker: He is Sowing the Seeds of Centralized and Oppressive Regime in Ethiopia.

The unholy alliance between two dangerous dictators Abiye Ahmed and Afwarki and the for life president of Eritrea are plunging the whole of the Horn of Africa into all out war of attrition. Abiye Ahmed is a dangerous dictator plunging the Horn of Africa into an all out war. Clearly Ethiopia is clearly heading towards a dangerous process of centralization. I believe no election will take place in Ethiopia and even if takes place it will never be a free and fair election, but will be a rigged election similar to the token elections that traditionally used to take place in Ethiopia. The delaying of elections is one of the major reasons of attacking the state of Tigray with the help of foreign forces is the election they unilaterally declared when Abiye Ahmed postponed the Ethiopian elections.

If the history of Ethiopia is a witness I doubt free and fair elections will never materialize in Ethiopia. Abiye Ahmed is committed a treasonous act by attacking Ethiopia people with the help of foreign forces including Eritrea, UAE and others. Abiye the novice leader who came from nowhere was completely part and parcel of the EPRDP governing system that has been ruling Ethiopia for the last 30 years. Abiye’s military solution of his personal dispute and power struggle with Tigray will end up in failure. Mengistu Haile Mariam presiding over a stronger and more unified Ethiopia failed in his military solution of the Eritrean question and the armed opposition against his rule. Despite his invitation of Eritrean forces, UAE drones, and other hidden military support from others including Israel Abiye is facing a furious and fierce Tigrayan insurgency determined to rid their country from this new tyrant. Nobody heard about Abiye Ahmed before 2018 when he replaced the Ethiopia prime minister a man called Haile Mariam Desalem. The man definitely harbors a burning hatred and grudge against the people of Tigray.

His belligerence reached the level where he brought in a vicious and brutal dictator Afwarki of Eritrea into the mix and invited him to massacre the people of Tigray and Eritrean refugees who fled his harsh rule in Eritrea who were living in refugee camps in Tigray. According to some confirmed reports Afwarki occupation forces that are illegally fighting in Tigray are loathing property,  raping women, massacring and kidnapping Eritrean refugees who fled his brutal reign in Eritrea. Afwarki is committing war crimes in Eritrea and Tigray. Abiye Ahmed has no capacity to lead Ethiopia a rather complex country that has made up of varieties of nationalities that put together through invasions, conquest and violence. Throughout its history Ethiopia has been holding together this tenuous arrangement composed of multiplicity of nationalities by force. Menelik, Haile Salessie, Mengistu were all using violence and force to keep Ethiopia together. He is pretending TPLF was an alien force and that is why he is creating lies and fabrications to demonize, defame and justify his genocidal war against Tigray. These evil duos Abiy and Afwark are dangerous dictators who are planning to change the map of the Horn of Africa by force. People of the Horn of Africa need to be alert and need to keep a watchful eye on designs and conspiracies these two dictators are clandestinely conniving.

Horn African nations should be alarmed and concerned about Abiye’s actions, his overtures to create alliances with dictators such as the notorious Afwarki of Eritrea and others. Horn of Africa nations such as Sudan, Somaliland, Djibouti, Uganda and Kenya need to closely watch this new Menelik 111 of the 21st century. A lot of observers were so puzzled why he waged such an all out war on Tigray with the help of Eritrea, UAE which are foreign countries. This man’s actions will plunge the whole of the Horn of Africa region into all out war. This new Ethiopian strongman; the aspiring absolute ruler of Ethiopia seems that he is losing his mind following the disastrous war of aggression he waged against the people of Tigris. The man has shutdown the communication of the whole country. He appears to be even more dictatorial and autocratic than the notorious Mengistu, Haile Salessie and all the past absolute rulers of Ethiopia. The man has expelled International media from Ethiopia, and refused any international mediation to resolve his aggression on Tigray. He has taken the permits of operation from international media groups such as Reuters, BBC, Aljazeera, and the director of international Crisis Group. The world must closely what is doing Tigray. I am suspecting the man is committing war crimes in Tigray.

He also invited another notorious dictator the illegitimate president for life of Eritrea-Afwarki to come to his aid and attack the people of Tigray. The man appears to be indiscriminately shooting bullets in every direction and acting very strange. Moreover, he demanded the neighboring countries to issue statements of support. This mad man is becoming the most hated man in Ethiopia and beyond. He is strange, outlandish, crazy and just purely bizarre political rocky and neophyte who came from nowhere. He is nothing but a person who came to power by accident. Before his appointment to become a care taker leader in Ethiopia nobody has ever heard about him.This strange man came from nowhere and was part and parcel of the brutal system that was an integral part of Ethiopia’s historical successive one man rulers who have plunged Ethiopia in perpetual wars and eternal crisis, turmoil, polarization, dictatorship that shuts down everything, and abject poverty.

Sudan-Ethiopia land dispute is taking a regional tone

Now with Sudan coming to the picture and Abide Ahmed bringing Afwarki a notorious dictator into the mix, thus appears to be internationalizing the war between Sudan and Ethiopia. At the present the war is taking a regional tone because Ethiopia and Eritrea are on one side versus Sudan, South Sudan and Egypt on the other side. An all out war between these two groups will be devastating and destabilizing to the Horn of Africa which is an already a volatile region.

Prof. Suleiman is a freelance writer, political analyst, and a senior science instructor